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  • Availability:
    Single but looking for Mr or Mrs Right
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  • Birthday:
    3rd August
  • Star Sign:
  • Ethnicity:
  • Country of Birth:
    United States
  • Country of Residence:
    United States
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  • Height:
    5'6" (168cm)
  • Body Type:
  • Hair Colour:
    Dark Blonde
  • Eye Colour:
  • Diet:
  • Smoke:
    No I don't smoke
  • Drink:
    Sometimes socially
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My Favourite...

  • Music:
    R AND B
  • Movie:
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  • Possession:
  • Holiday Spot:
    Beach side


  • About Me:

    loyal, intellegent lady, with big heart and loving soul that hates loniliness and wants to love and be loved! I am trustful and honest to my man, I have amazing sence of humour and can laugh like little girl, and at once become serious and to discuss all the life problems with you!If I could choose only one hobby in my life that was watching the sea. Yeah, it is not hobby actually, but sometimes I can not imagine my life without sea. When I look at it, I feel some peace, safety inside. I feel that the sea loves me the way I love it. It seems to be alive. When there is storm the sea is angry and when everything is calming down, it finally finds peace and is smiling to those, who came there to look at his greatness and beauty. I am always impressed by it and it never makes me feel bored. Moreover, I like to feed sea-gulls, who seem to be the guardians of the King called Sea. When I come home, I feel so impressed by sea that even feel hungry! So actually one more hobby of mine is cooking. I love to cook something that can fulfil the stomach and brighten the soul. Developing cooking skills is very important for me, because it always makes me feel how huge the world is and how much beauty is still left in its interiors.

  • About My Ideal Partner:

    I have never met perfect people in my life. Even the dearest people are sometimes not ideal at all. But the thing, why we love others is because we love them for who they are. I am a woman, who will trust the one with the sincere smile. In most cases smile and eyes decide a lot. They show you the way to the person's soul and then nothing matters. If I will look into your eyes and see in them the road, which leads me to your heart, then I am definitely for you. If you are the one, who will always respect me as a woman and take care of me as of your biggest treasure. I will be yours for the eternity.I do not believe in relationships with young men. Young men want to party and have fun with different women. I want to find a family-oriented, mature gentleman who can concentrate on one woman - on ME! Also I do not believe in an ideal relationship. I believe in a partnership, and I want to find a partner for life. The most important qualities in a man for me are intellect, a sense of humor, a high level of passion and a willingness to meet with me soon.