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    Your Assignment Question Gives English Essay Topics

    Nature of essay should decide your selection from given English essay topics

    Students prepare their English assignments including essay writing from the junior and high school level itself. The tutor gives the topics while students try to write on the subjects that are their favorites. However, For the higher classes and college level essay papers, tutors categorize the English essay topics into various groups like persuasive essay or academic essay .

    Accordingly, the topics will be decided as per the nature of the essay. For example an opinion essay from will have topics like discussion on the daily life events that concern most of us. This essay can detail your assessment on the merits and demerits of the chosen subject.

    Here are a few topics, given briefly, for the students to expand.

    Different opinion on world order

    This is the topic suitable for writing an expository essay. We all live on this planet called earth as human beings. However, some of us have entirely different view on the world order, with particular reference to the logic and system followed by certain countries. As students can choose this subject of discussion among the given English essay topics, their paper can discuss in detail about the cold war era and its related ideologies like capitalism and communism, being two main economic and social orders of the world prevailing during those days.

    Ban on smoking

    This is an argumentative essays topic. Students should give the views in support and against the topic thesis. This topic, as with many other subjects, will require thorough discussion to support your arguments with sufficient evidence. Therefore, research should be done over the internet and through books or magazines to look at the data, which relates to the arguments in favor of smoking and against it. The health hazards of smoking can be detailed, with evidential references. However, the psychological problems created by the sudden kicking of the habit should also be discussed while detailing the counter viewpoint.

    Grandparents as your role models

    This issue selected from the English essay topics will form a personal essay for the student. These essays are tools to measure the writing skills and observation power of the students. As most of us are associated with our grandparents from the birth itself, we can describe in writing our personal events that involve them at various stages in our life. The essay should conclude with the firm opinion from the student, on the lessons learned from such experiences.

    The descriptive essay thus written by the students will carry the scoring grades according to the manner in which the minute details are provided. Every essay should be in the correct writing style as asked by the tutor. In this direction, students will benefit by going through essay format.

    Effects of noise pollution

    This essay belongs to the category of “cause and effect essays”. Therefore, students should prepare a strong thesis statement about the causes of the noise pollution and the visible effects of the same. For example, the affect of noise on our hearing power can be detailed in this essay. Finally, this should contain the opinion of the student, in the concluding part of the essay.