• Hi! I`m Eleanora. I like meeting new people, writing, reading horror books and eat pasta. I`m surfing for 5 years. I like to make a true people photo. Coffee lover. Subtly charming creator.
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    Single and loving it
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    9th September
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    United States
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    United States
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    San Diego
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    5'5" (165cm)
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    Dark Blonde
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    No I don't smoke
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    Sometimes socially
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    Spanish; Castilian

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  • Writing

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    Blink 182
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    Harry Potter
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    Education as a foundation for future life.

    During financial catastrophe education roosts as one of the unmatchable and most important assets. It is essential to include all the major chains in one’s education structure: from the elementary school up to the moment when you graduate from the university and most likely begin to look for the work or proceed with your studying and go for for the master course, followed by Phd. Degree If you erase one of the chains, the learning process will be not progressive. While your elementary, middle and high education you can create a platform for future bachelor degree in the academy. This is one of the causes, why there are so many subjects, which are not related to each other at all (like P.E. physical education, languages), but they are still combined together on the program list. The main goal of this is to give the person the basic knowledge about the most essential areas of human’s life and development. anyhow, I think there are couple of distinctions between the earlier stages of learning concept in the USA and Europe. In USA beginning from early years the system is built in such a stream, that pupils begin to narrow down their learning to special skills, which will become probably tied up with their upcoming work. To be more specific, education takes more practical approach. From the other side in Europe we can notice more theory and general classic education. Children undertake the single course not connecting it a lot to their future desirable job. Which way is the most efficient? Of course representatives of each side will bring their arguments and try to prove the failures of another structure. Nevertheless this argument will never be finished. Throughout a number of years both systems confirmed to be stable and be capable of providing proper level of study preparation of children before leaving to the serious life. Therefore, it is all the time depends on you: go deeper in the clean study disciplines and gain superior theoretical knowledge or separate yourself a bit and give it a try to begin with applying your knowledge to possible type of work already while learning at the first stages.

    Another aspect, which must be also definitely put into attention is the appeal to the college education in various areas. In USA and the countries of past USSR (we will use these for comparing since they represent the issues in question in the most understandable way) majority of the time student is placed in a rather disciplinary position and must tab the science, which he or she is going to study very cautiously as the procedure of moving to another course is quite time consuming and takes away a lot of resources. In European countries we have another condition: students are quite secured while their college studies and may change their course up to 2-3 times !? Changing even more times does not give any rationale for the student. How can these differences be clarified? In my opinion the governmental policies are the key determinants in this case. USA, countries of former USSR are very reactionary and social security as the belief is not highly perceived on the national level. In USA it is like this because of generalUS behavior, heading towards favorable tax conditions, superior position of private property, while in the states of former USSR the economical developmentis booming and the governmental social security initiatives are only being developed. In Europe on the opposite side we see, that social protection plays a very intrinsic task in the people’s lives, and certainly in students’ lives in our situation. Having support from the state, students can concentrate on subjects.During these processes students don’t risk to be taken to army or some obligatory tasks, which will take the education in a complicated situation. in spite of there are certainly some negative points. First of all, sometimes due to this offhand situation students are not motivated enough and as a consequence do not use their resources properly and might end up putting a bit too much on their bachelor program for example. In case they had dedicated more time resources, they practicably would have finished the bachelor degree much fasterand as the result would have a chance to go for master program before starting their job and therefore enhance their salary possibilities.

    Therefore, the writemypaperbro make a conclusion that learning is one of the most versatile and challenging periods in life and there are many ways to choose from, it’s up to you to take the decision which one to run.