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    Single and loving it
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    15th October
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    United States
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    No I don't smoke
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    No, I don't drink


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    It turns out that women pay special attention not to those delights of the body. The beauty of the female body is immense. But men see only seven parts of the body that they seem to be the most seductive and attractive. What do you see attractive about me? I do not pursue beauty and wealth, as I believe that there are more important and valuable things. I am sincere and kind. I always have everything thought out and coordinated. I love order and responsibility in everything. My great passion is traveling. I believe that what you can see with your own eyes is better than all sorts of material things. Emotions in life are what make us happy. I came to this site, waiting to find those emotions that will make my heart beat for love.

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    My hobbies depend on many factors such as mood, weather on the street, and of course what I want to do. I am a very active girl. In many ways, I have no equal. As for interests, I am very interested in creativity as I love creating.